Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Literary News: Readership Tops 135,000

We are pleased to announce that readership of Ron’s articles and satirical cartoons have surpassed 135,000 nationwide readers and continues to grow... 

The main articles, An Open Letter (a commentary on premature political forecasting) and Silent Manifesto (The Pathetic Yelpings of a Delusional Misogynist) remain the leading "5 Star Posts" in the Village Voice, Arts and Entertainment Forum of backpage.com   

Silent Manifesto... addresses the increasing phenomenon    of Internet Stalking, as it relates to the author's personal account as the unwitting victim of an envious admirer.

Although both articles address national and global issues, they are tastefully peppered with a curious series of articulate cartoons.

The dialogues cover a myriad of diverse themes which include (but not limited to)... social satire, homophobia, practical recipes, human rights and the inquisitive banter    of the two main contributors, ikye and Regina Queens.  

As the Art Director and script writer, Ron’s decade long experience as a Cable Television and Music Video Producer has once again been called into play...

Gallery image: Swamp People 

Cassandra Landau – Gallery Coordinator